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Bemidji is north of the Itasca State Park and a good place, we thought, to stay over July 4th. This area is dotted with lakes for fishing and recreation and because summer is so short in northern Minnesota the parks fill up on the weekends and holidays, so we had to make sure we had a reservation somewhere. After trying a few places with no sites available, we found the Fox Lake Campground. We stayed there a week and were delighted to learn they put on their own fireworks display for the 4th.


   Our campsite at Fox Lake Campground.




_DSC0148-Edit_DSC0148-EditBeach at Bemidji State Park

  Lake Bemidji at Lake Bemidji State Park.




Bermidji State Park4543-EditBermidji State Park4543-Edit

  Carnivorous pitcher plant, grows in peat bogs.



Bemidji Fireworks1514-EditBemidji Fireworks1514-EditFourth of July Fireworks at our campground

   Campground fireworks.






We were pleasantly surprised by Duluth. We stayed at a marina campground at the port and we were in the middle of the action. We could watch the ships enter the port under the lift bridge and walk to shops and restaurants.

Duluth, MN1491-EditDuluth, MN1491-Edit

   View of lift bridge from our campground.



Duluth-138_8729_July 11, 2015-EditDuluth-138_8729_July 11, 2015-Edit

   Ship coming into port under the bridge.




Duluth-_1388795_July 12, 2015-HDR-EditDuluth-_1388795_July 12, 2015-HDR-Edit

   Night view of the bridge and Duluth from our campground.





  This dining and shopping area near the bridge is always busy with tourists.



Most of the ships travel the great lakes, but some, called salties, carry goods overseas. 

Duluth-138_8746_July 12, 2015-EditDuluth-138_8746_July 12, 2015-Edit

   This saltie, registered in Cyprus, was anchored, waiting to come in to port.




Duluth-_DSC0351_July 11, 2015-EditDuluth-_DSC0351_July 11, 2015-Edit

  High School in Duluth. Looked like it was still in use.







North of Duluth is Grand Marais. The city RV park is on the lake and within walking distance of the shops and restaurants. We reserved 3 nights and stayed a week.

Grand Marais-_1388837July 14, 2015-EditGrand Marais-_1388837July 14, 2015-Edit

   View from our campsite.




Grand Portage-_DSC0649_July 15, 2015-EditGrand Portage-_DSC0649_July 15, 2015-EditGrand Portage Falls On the Pigeon River

   Waterfalls at Grand Portage State Park.




Grand Marais-_DSC0843_July 18, 2015-EditGrand Marais-_DSC0843_July 18, 2015-Edit

   Naniboujou Lodge north of town.



Grand Marais-_DSC0836_July 18, 2015-EditGrand Marais-_DSC0836_July 18, 2015-Edit

   Lunch at the Naniboujou Lodge.





We had plans to meet some friends in Houghton, Michigan. Our route there followed the shore of Lake Superior, so we stayed a couple of nights in Ashland, Wisconsin, at yet another city park on Lake Superior. Ashland is a city of murals. Here are just a few.

Ashland, WI_July 21, 2015_1505Ashland, WI_July 21, 2015_1505

   This mural takes up the entire building.





Ashland, WI-_1388920_July 22, 2015-EditAshland, WI-_1388920_July 22, 2015-Edit

   Another mural in Ashland.




Ashland, WI-_1388908_July 22, 2015-EditAshland, WI-_1388908_July 22, 2015-Edit

  Three stories tall and wraps around the side.




Ashland, WI-_1388929_July 22, 2015-EditAshland, WI-_1388929_July 22, 2015-Edit

   This old hotel in Ashland is on Lake Superior.





We stayed in Houghton a few years ago and loved it, so we decided to go back and stay a month.  This area is known for its copper mines and people of Finnish heritage.

Houghton, MI-_DSC1117_July 26, 2015-EditHoughton, MI-_DSC1117_July 26, 2015-EditOur Rv Park right on the Houghton River

  The campground is on the canal that goes right through town, from Portage Lake to Lake Superior.




Houghton, MI-_DSC1209_July 30, 2015-EditHoughton, MI-_DSC1209_July 30, 2015-Edit

   Houghton has its own lift bridge.




Houghton, MI-_DSC1185_July 29, 2015-EditHoughton, MI-_DSC1185_July 29, 2015-Edit

  Where the canal meets Lake Superior.




Houghton, MI-_1389148_July 31, 2015-EditHoughton, MI-_1389148_July 31, 2015-Edit

  Driving up the Keweenaw Peninsula, the tourists enjoy seeing this reminder of why they don't live there.




Houghton, MI-_DSC1249_July 31, 2015Houghton, MI-_DSC1249_July 31, 2015

   Friends, Stephanie, Jeff, me, Ruth, Jerry, Carol and Roger.



Next Month: More of Houghton.






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